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2020 Monthly Trips


 Citizenship Trip
Washington DC
January 17-20


Summer Camp
Camp Daniel Boone


Scouts on Skis 
Winterplace WV
February 22-23


 White Water Rafting
Nolichucky River
August 14-16


 Camping trip cancelled
Mulch fundraiser postponed  


National Whitewater Center
September 18-20


 Camping trip cancelled


 Wilderness Survival
Camp Cherokee
October 16-18


 Camping trip cancelled


Patrol trips 


 Water Sports
Smith Mountain Lake
June 19-21


 Nuclear Science & Caving
Lost Sea Cave
Date TBD





No troop meeting - June 2, 2020

Posted on May 31 2020 - 12:01am



Service Patrol: 
Program Patrol: 

Updates on summer trips -- there is good news, and there is bad news

Posted on May 17 2020 - 1:24am

Over the course of the past few days we have had the following two developments.

First, the bad news.  Sadly, Camp Daniel Boone, after an agonizing decision process, has chosen to cancel their 2020 Summer Camp program due to too many variables regarding the restrictions that may still be in place here in NC and also in the home locations of the camp participants who are in 20 different states.  The camp will be making a full refund of all monies paid for our reservation.  It is unknown whether there are any alternate camp options which may be available for Troop 214 to attend but it is certainly something that can be considered.

The good news is for those signed up for the Florida sailing trip in late July.  At this time, Sea Base plans to conduct the treks scheduled for later in the summer.  And fortunately, plans for our trek are moving forward -- the open slots on our crew reservation have been filled!  We have connected with another troop in Atlanta that has three Scouts and one adult who were looking for a crew to join due to disruption of their own unit's trek -- the perfect complement to round out our crew of eight.  Better still, the three Scouts are all in the exact same age range as our three Scouts!  Stay tuned for further details on logistics planning.

May camping trip cancelled

Posted on May 10 2020 - 1:14am

Thanks to those of you who signed up for the May trip to the NC coast.  Unfortunately, his trip needs to be cancelled just like the others before it.  Prospects for a fun trip are severely limited in light of the continued restrictions in place.  Fort Fisher is remaining closed for the foreseeable future.  Most of the other attractions (e.g. Fort Fisher Park, USS NC) remain closed as well. 

Troop 214 event cancellations

Posted on Mar 22 2020 - 1:09am
Our alternate form of unity during these times lies in doing our part to quash the dangerous COVID-19 pandemic by keeping ourselves physically separate from each other for now.  Accordingly, the below troop events are either cancelled or postponed:
  • The March and April camping trips
  • Our mulch fundraiser deliveries scheduled for 3/27-28
  • Logan Dingman's Eagle Court of Honor scheduled for 3/29
  • All troop meetings through the end of April
  • All in-person PLC meetings.  

PLC members, please be on the lookout for information from Mr Munson regarding your next meeting being conducted online using electronic conferencing.

What can we do to continue Scouting from home?

Posted on Mar 22 2020 - 1:09am
Here are some ideas:
  1. Summer Camp merit badge schedule - The merit badge offerings for Camp Daniel Boone will be published soon so that you can put together your schedule.  Session registrations will open very soon for those who have made the first and second payments for camp!
  2. Online merit badge classes - Thanks to Mr. Davis for notifying us about online merit badge courses being offered by a Scouting group in Florida.  Click here for more info.  Week 1 begins this Monday, March 23!
  3. Finish those partial merit badges!
Send your other ideas for Scouting from home to your Patrol Leader!

Camp Daniel Boone - alternate options to traditional camp

Posted on Mar 22 2020 - 1:08am

Contact Mr. Smith if you are interested in any of these options during our week at Camp Daniel Boon this summer.

First Class Scouts or above

Boonesboro Village
It's like going to Scout Camp in 1767!  You will enter the 1770’s Sunday afternoon and experience life as our ancestors knew it until you return to the 21st century on Saturday morning.  Villagers live in barracks and prepare all of your own meals over open fire using equipment and foods that were available in the 1770’s.  Earn a variety of handicraft merit badges, shoot a black powder rifle, wear a kilt -- and Tavern Nights!  Taking a merit badge session in base camp is possible if desired but not recommended.  $35 additional.

Seasoned Scouts
Got all the merit badges you need?  Check out one of these options!  These do not offer traditional merit badge sessions.

Backpacking Trek
Western North Carolina has over a million acres of National Forest land available with hundreds of miles of trails. We have selected a variety of trails that will allow you to explore nature and improve your back country skills. You will get unplugged and will see stars as you may never have seen them before.  In some areas, your may not see another person outside of your crew the entire time out, a truly remote wilderness experience.  $0 additional.

Ropes Trek
A week filled with climbing!  $135 additional.

Whitewater Rafting
The Five Rivers Trek offers Scouts and Scouters a great experience of five days of whitewater fun on some of the finest waters in the entire United States.  This trek provides a nice, gradual increase in river rafting intensity daily.  $210 additional.

Zip & Splash
A mix of whitewater and aerial fun -- a week of rafting in Class I, II, and III rapids, with one day on a half-mile zip line with vista views of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and Nantahala Gorge.  $210 additional.

Paddle, Pedal and Plod
Combining rafting with hiking and mountain biking.  $210 additional.

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